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The Legend of The Social Media Management Agency

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Find out what a social media management agency is, where they came from and how hiring one could be a HUGE benefit to your business. This is how to use social media for business!

Last night, I was trying to gauge where my website was showing up in a search for different keywords. Google recently added a “People also ask” section in the search results that might just be a gold mine for small business owners. The term I was searching was “social media management”. One of the questions in the “People also ask” box was “what is social media management” and it dawned on me that there might be some people in the world who don’t actually know what it is or why anyone would want/need it.

I think that oftentimes we take for granted that not everyone knows what we do, regardless of the industry we’re in. Just because we know something inside and out, doesn’t everyone else in the world does.

It’s proven to be much easier to sell something when your audience actually understands your product and you’re able to solve a problem they’re having. But first, they’ve got to understand what it is, what it does and how it will benefit them. Still with me?

So, what is social media management? Gather ‘round and I shall tell you the tale of how the social media management agency came to be.

The Legend

Once upon a time long ago (not really that long), there was myspace. Myspace was a virtual wonderland of finding friends, customizing your page with any theme you could think of and a place for businesses to connect with an audience and build their brand. It was wildly popular, much more so that the lesser known Facebook, which, at the time, was more focused on the collegiate crowd.

Then, one day (really), everyone dropped myspace like a hot potato and joined Facebook. Business owners came over a bit slower, more at the pace of a trickle. The Facebook platform was much simpler and far less pretentious than myspace, as it was designed for people to connect with people. It created a place for the people who own a business to connect with the people who are their customers. Interesting concept, right?

As fate would have it, Facebook began seeing how this could all be monetized and, as more and more businesses were building Facebook pages. In order to generate revenue from ads, Facebook started making it harder and harder for businesses to reach their audience organically. Keeping up with all the changes, rules and guidelines set forth by Facebook was becoming increasingly difficult for business owners. It was practically becoming a full time job just to keep up, post all the necessary posts, engage with their audience- all the while still running a business.

And so, the social media management agency came to be. The social media management agency could handle all the pesky details for them, such as keeping up with the latest trends, creating content for posts that followed best practices and engaging with their audience. Business owners began seeing their audiences grow at a much faster pace than they were able to achieve on their own, conversions increased and bottom lines everywhere were positively impacted. Business owner could once again focus on their business and their customers (gasp!).

The best part of this story is that it isn’t a fairytale! It’s real and within reach for any business owner to have. There aren’t any frogs that need kissed, dragons that need slaying, or evil sea-witches that must be destroyed. You, too, can have all your social media dreams come true! Here’s how to do it:

1. Set a budget- Plan on anywhere from $300-$20,000 per month. Decide which social platforms you want updates to each week and how many updates you’d like posted each week. Do you want the agency to engage with your audience? Monitor mentions and reviews? Do you want to run ads? All of these factors will affect the cost per month. Steer clear of agencies that promise the world on a silver platter for $99. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

2. Find an agency that you like who is in tune with your goals, fits within your budget and has a good reputation. Ask for recommendations from your peers (or, just hire Thin Air Marketing Group). Outline the results you’d like to achieve with the agency. Make sure you both have a clear idea of the strategy.

3. Be patient, especially if you are just looking to achieve organic results. These kind of things take time to build momentum. Paid ads can help short term results, but this should be a part of your long term strategy.

Key Takeaways

Hiring a social media management agency is a strategic move for your business. A professional agency can help you grow your audience and raise brand awareness in your local community through high quality and engaging content.

Professional agencies keep up with the latest trends and guidelines, while following best practices to achieve the best results possible, so that you’re able to do what you do best- manage your business.

Thin Air Marketing Group goes above and beyond the normal protocol and will create a personalized strategy for your business. We’re local, which really does make a difference. Get in touch today for a free quote.

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