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Social Media Management

Social Media Management might sound silly, unnecessary and even ridiculous to you. The fact of the matter is that it’s not. To do social media correctly, and get and give the most benefits from it, takes a lot of time and knowledge about best practices.  


What, when and how frequently you post, as well as the level of engagement from your audience makes a huge difference in how many people actually see your post.  It can get pretty complicated and time intensive. As if that weren’t enough, the way you compose your posts is really important, too. That’s where we get into ratios and algorithms.

It may have started out as something your business should have, but it has become something your business must do.  Being active on social media isn’t just a saying, it’s a description. It isn’t a bad thing though, or some small annoyance, it’s actually a unique opportunity to interact with your audience.  Never before in the history of marketing have business owners been able to build a brand like this. Through social media, your audience can get to know you and form a connection with you. This builds brand loyalty through emotional ties.  Social media gives you exposure to groups of people who may not have otherwise known you existed.

You’ve heard of the 6 degrees of separation- the idea that we are six or fewer social connections away from being able to connect to anyone in the world in a maximum of six steps (Wikipedia).  Whoa!  When you think of it like that, social media becomes a lot more interesting…… Just think of the possibilities!  


That means you’re only 6 people away from finding that big investor, or connecting with the right person who can help you grow your business like you’ve been dreaming of. 

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