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Are You Wasting Time With Facebook?

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

The Art of Facebook

By now, a large majority of small businesses in the U.S. have a Facebook page. The level at which it is maintained varies greatly, though it’s only a small percentage that are doing everything right. Many business owners simply do not understand the benefits of keeping their Facebook pages updated and find it trivial and unimportant.

Facebook, used the right way, is a valuable tool that can be hugely beneficial to both you and to your audience. To learn more about the art of Facebook for business, keep reading!

Who Uses Facebook

There are 253+/- million adults, 18 and older, in the United States. Approximately 200 million have facebook accounts.

Your clients and prospects are on social media, making it a great place to reach a lot of people at one time and stay front of mind with them.

How Content is Chosen to Appear in Feeds

You may have noticed that lately, your updates don’t have as much reach as they used to.

Facebook updated their algorithm in January 2018, making content that is meaningful, informative and high quality the priority. Content that has high engagement is more likely to be shown to a greater number of people. Including a photo or, better yet, a video, is practically a requirement.

Other factors in the algorithm for your posts to appear in feeds are completeness of your profile, the time of day you’re posting, time spent per user on the post, type of story and level of engagement. The quality of the content and the consistency of your posts are also critical.

It’s recommended that a business post 5-10 updates per week, with no more than 2 posts per day. Inconsistent and sporadic posting is not beneficial because only a very small percentage of your audience will see your posts. By posting consistently to your Facebook page, a much larger percentage will see your posts in their feed and it can help boost your rankings in Google, too (SEO).

Reviews and Recommendations

More and more, consumers, especially Millennial's, are turning to reviews to make buying decisions. In 2018, 6 out of every 10 consumers made buying decisions based on online reviews. This number has only continued to rise over the years, making reviews extremely valuable. Some consider reviews to be internet currency.

Facebook makes it easy for your clients to leave reviews on your page, but it’s your job to encourage your customers to do it. Including links or buttons on your website, in your email signature, newsletters and even a QR code on your business card, are all good ways to encourage your customers to leave a review.


Facebook is a platform that was created for people to connect with people and opens the opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience in a way that has never been possible before. Cultivate and nurture client relationships, stay front of mind with your audience through meaningful content and engage with your customers. These, as part of your marketing strategy, work to increase customer loyalty, conversions and build brand awareness in your local community.

Are you using Facebook to its full potential? A marketing agency, like Thin Air Marketing Group, can make sure that you are. For more information on social media management services, visit or sign up for your free consultation today.

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